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Rocket Pure, Eucalyptus Foot Powder

Foot & Shoe Odor – Why do your feet Stink and what can you do about It?

Ever wonder why feet and shoes stink? The answer is not for the faint of…

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Rocket Pure Ambassador K.T. Miller

140 Miles of Bliss —Body Care on a Yellowstone Trail Running Traverse

Running 140 miles from our front door in Cooke City, MT to Old Faithful in…

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Rocket Pure Ambassador Katelyn Competes in Steeplechase

Rocket Pure Ambassador Seconds from Qualifying for Olympic Trials – By Katelyn

I spent last season attempting to qualify for the 2016 Olympic trials with the help…

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The Blitz Bikes Beer June 16, 2016 in Bend, Oregon

The Blitz, A Mountain Bike Race and Beer Report — by Carolina Villafane

The Blitz mountain bike race in Bend, Oregon, is composed of the 40 best pro…

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This runner is working to control their exercise-induced asthma during winter.

Winter Cracking You Up – In a bad way?

Athletes are a different breed of human.  Cold weather doesn’t keep us from enjoying what…

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